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I am a donut.

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#afd, [adult swim], alton brown, anime, arachnos, babaganoosh, basketball, batgirl, big apple strats, bill sharman, brian cook, brian regan, brian shaw, captain tenneal, chicago-style deep dish pizza, chick hearn, choo-choo bear, chyron, city of heroes, city of villains, clippers, cowboy bebop, craig ferguson, david letterman, death note, derek fisher, devean george, don't get eliminated, dormando, editing, ein, faye valentine, fender, ffiv, ffvi, ffviii, ffx, ffx-2, ffxiii, final fantasy, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, flatwound strings, foo fighters, fretless bass, geeky girls, geoff peterson, george mikan, gin, gin blossoms, gin rummy, girl geeks, good eats, guitars, gundam wing, guy ladouche, happy hairston, house, humbuckers, idle minds, jack bauer, james worthy, jeff ament, jerry west, jet black, julia, kabc, kareem abdul-jabbar, kareem rush, kenny blankenship, kobe bryant, kurt rambis, lakers, late night, literary historical sea-faring pirates, live at the garden, live at the showbox, los angeles, los angeles lakers, lost dogs, luke walton, magic johnson, michael jantze, most extreme elimination challenge, music, mxc, nba, nba basketball, news, news production, online gaming, orange county, pacific division, pat riley, pearl jam, penny arcade, phil hartman, phil jackson, photography, platinum grit, playstation, project mayhem, purple and gold, pvp, queen of wands, questionable content, ragnarok online, rick fox, role playing games, roller derby girls, ron harper, rpgs,, comics, s*p, saturnalia, sensible erection,, sex, sexuality, shaquille o'neal, sleeping, something positive, southern california, spike spiegel, staples center, stu lantz, surfer girls, the fine print, the forum, the fratellis, the late late show, the late show, the norm, the oc, the simpsons, tony stewart, true meaning of life, tv directing, tv news, tv production, uncanny x-men, upright electric bass, vic romano, vicious, video games, walt hazzard, webcomics, western conference, wii
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